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We partnered with a community of experts, including botanists, formulation scientists, nutritionists and a University to formulate natural products that work.

Our highly concentrated extracts from verified supplier are combined with additional tech ingredients for immunity support, liver detox, performance and energy.

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  • A Seemingly Powerful Supplement

    "I'm new to curry leaf, had no idea it even existed before this but after reading up about it seems to be one of those potent do-all's that're good for pretty much whatever it is you can think of. It does a LOT. It apparently does wonders for hair but I've been taking it for its many other benefits and so far so good"

    The Valvet
  • Liver Detox was quick

    “ I love this product. I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and the over active thyroid is now effecting my liver function. I always wondered why I had sores on my body, it’s because my liver was screaming for help! These pills work quickly - I took a total of six over three days and saw my liver being cleans (pea size green balls) in the toilet. I now have TONS of energy!!!! "